About Miyadaiku

Miyadaiku is a flexible static site generator for Jinja2 artists.

  • Contents are written in reStructuredText, Markdown, HTML, Jupyter Notebook and YAML.

  • Jinja2 templates to create HTML pages.

  • Jinja2 tags can be used in your contents too. Miyadaiku provides ReST/Markdown extensions to write Jinja2 in content files.

  • Hierarchical contents property. Each directory can have default property values for documents. These property values are also applied to contents of their sub-directories.

  • Theme system to share templates, CSS, Javascript, Image or any other contents files.

  • Themes are managed as Python package. You can install themes from PyPI with pip.

  • Generate index pages and Atom/RSS feeds for Blog sites.


Miydaiku requires Python 3.6 or later.


Use pip to install miyadaiku.

$ pip3 install miyadaiku